The sodium pyruvate is a stable salt of the pyruvic acid that occurs naturally in the body and is a nutrient that plays an es- sential role in the process controlling the production of energy.

Pyruvic acid is used by the organism for the synthesis of ami- no acids, whereas pyruvate is used as complement to enhance weight loss. Sodium pyruvate increases the energy available for muscles, which is translated in a higher rate of burned calo- ries and less fat stored.

It has also been demonstrated that the sodium pyruvate in particular, stimulates the synthesis of collagen in the skin. For this reason, it is considered an excellent energy substrate with interesting applications in the treatment of the cutaneous anti- aging, striae, alopecia, etc.

Other studies suggest that the pyruvate acts as antioxidant, thus contributing to the reduction of the damage by free radi- cals to the body.