Institute BCN is a reference expert in professional aesthetic treatments, the result of years of continuous research and development. With the BCN Peels line, Institute BCN extends its range of solutions for treating and correcting cosmetic problems on face and body.

Peelings of the BCN Peels range are chemo exfoliants that act, according to their intensity, at different depth levels both on dermis and epidermis, inducing a dermal matrix renovation process. The result of this process is the appearance of regenerated skin, with more elasticity, luminosity, softer, with a homogenous tone and texture, as well as the improvement of the mechanical qualities of the skin.

Choosing the peeling in each case and the decision to apply it as a single cosmetic procedure or to combine it with other treatments will be determined by several factors: the intensity of the peeling, the problem to be treated, the phototype of the patient’s skin, their degree of aging, their age, their skin condition, the medical history of the patient and the desired outcome.

With its BCN Peels range, Institute BCN provides the aesthetics professionals abroad with one of the best and most versatile non invasive cosmetic treatments.