Being a small molecule composed of 3 amino acids - cysteine, glutamic acid and glycine -, glutathione is a powerful antioxidant that is found inside each cell protecting it against free radicals.

This active principle plays an important role in the nutrition of the regulation of certain cellular events such as the expression of genes, the repair and synthesis of proteins and DNA, the immune response, the metabolism of toxins and carcinogens, the stimulation of the system. immunological, and the prevention of fat oxidation. In addition, it is involved in the detoxification of the organism because it is a toxin such as heavy metals, chemical pollutants and carcinogens and transformations so that they can be easily eliminated from the body.

The body produces and stores the largest amounts of GSH in the liver, where it is used to detoxify harmful compounds. GSH levels decline with age making the body more vulnerable to damage caused by free radicals and thus accelerating aging processes.

This component neutralizes free radicals and harmful peroxide molecules, in addition to recharging oxidized vitamins C and E so that the body can reuse them. It is also involved in skin clearance. Studies experienced evidence of their participation in the melanogenic route and its antimelanogenic effect.